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Animal Reaction Records is an independent label that records, produces and promotes the music of the artists or groups below. Their entire recording collections (albums as well as individual songs / tracks) can be purchased and downloaded from this website. Also watch their video clips.

Jeannie's Beau
Sam Hervé Spiegel


The International French Pop Rock Band from Metz (Lorraine, France) who went to conquer the UK in the 80's. 

"Intricate yet powerful pop driven forward into a dance beat by J.P's pounding two-bass drum sound." Music Week, 1988.

Sam Hervé Spiegel

Sam Hervé Spiegel, also known as Sam Spiegel,  is a French songwriter established in the UK, who writes pop / rock songs in English and in French with strong melodies. Sam sings and plays keyboards, and produces his own albums. Sam also writes music for Fashion Muse and for The London Spies.

(Please note: French songwriter Sam Hervé Spiegel is not the US music producer Sam Spiegel known as  Squeak E Clean).